About us

Who is Fingalix Chocolates?  


Fingalix Chocolates is an Artisan Chocolate Company creating a collection of delicious treats for everyone. Choose from our Bonbon Boxes filled with beautifully shaped & flavoured bonbons or our Bars with delicious & surprising centres. Whether you prefer your chocolate Dark, Milky or White and your fillings hard or soft, crunchy or chewy, Fingalix has the chocolate for you!

Wedding Favours? Easter Eggs? A gift for a loved one? Fingalix will prepare bespoke chocolate that is perfect for a special occasion, charity event, corporate gift or retail outlet. We work with all the colours of the rainbow and love to work with you to make your chocolate dreams come true. Here at Fingalix we just love chocolate and its endless possibilities!

Our Vision

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Our Vision is to make delicious, beautiful, quality chocolates whilst remaining;
  • Ethical: We use ethically sourced chocolate from Valrhona, where the cocoa plantations make our entire chocolate vision possible.
  • Sustainable: All our products are packaged in recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaging in our bid to protect our planet.

How did we get started?

Since Harriet was young, she has been making desserts and everything chocolatey. She has always loved sport, particularly riding which continues to be her main passion. As Harriet is happier when being practical than she is sitting at a desk there was a question mark over what she would do when she grew up.
When Harriet and her beloved horse Fingal were selected to be reserve for the U21 British Eventing Team, most of the training was around 9 hours away from her home base in North East Scotland. Harriet needed to find a job to fit around her riding! The turning point was attending a Chocolatier’s Course. Harriet returned inspired and buzzing with ideas. She started creating chocolates to sell at the events she and Fingal entered and Fingalix Chocolates was born!
Thank you for supporting our small business, every order means the world to us and if you are happy with your purchase please leave a review, we would be so grateful.